Man kicks both mirrors off a Tesla in road rage incident in Alberta [Video]

A road rage incident in Calgary left a Tesla Model 3 without side mirrors.

A black Mercedes and a Toyota 4Runner were involved in the incident in Calgary.

We can see the entire incident go down via the multiple cameras on the Model 3.

The Toyota 4Runner swerves into the Tesla’s lane, and the Tesla avoids the accident and does a quick brake check of the Toyota. That was too much, and the Toyota and his friend in the Mercedes forced the Tesla to stop on an offramp.

A man in the Toyota gets out, kicks the Tesla’s mirror and bangs on the windows while yelling. He then goes back to his car. However, he quickly returns to break the other mirror off of the Model 3 with a kick.

Although the Tesla footage was initially corrupted, a bystander who pulled over to help the Tesla after the incident recovered the files.

The footage and licence plates have since been shared with Calgary Police

Below you can see the full video from YouTube user snowcat.

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