Tesla Supercharger network reaches 50,000 stalls globally

The Tesla Supercharger network has reached another impressive milestone with the 50,000th connectors installed around the world. The milestone comes less than five months after the Supercharger reached 45,000 stalls globally.

Tesla announced the milestone on X, highlighting the humble beginnings of the Supercharger network, showing quickly it has expanded and is now the largest DC fast charging network in the world.

The Supercharger network launched in 2012 with just six stations. Despite the small number they were strategically located to allow Tesla owners to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco and between Boston and Washington DC. That foresight has continued to this day with Tesla picking strategic locations for the network to expand into, and in the eleven years since then has expanded to include thousands of stations, mostly across North America, Europe, and Asia.

One of the primary reasons Tesla’s Supercharger network is so well regarded, aside from the sheer size of it, is its reliability. According to Tesla the Supercharger network boasts an uptime rate of 99.95%, far ahead of competitor charging networks. Tesla is able to keep its network up and running almost all of the time because of their real-time monitoring of every single one of the 50,000+ stalls which can help pinpoint areas of concern immediately. This real-time tracking also helps Tesla identify areas of high-usage and where it might be advantageous to build more Superchargers.

Even though it took 11 years for the Supercharger network to 50,000 stalls, it will take far less time than that for Tesla to add another 50,000 connectors. We expect the network to expand rapidly over the next few years, including a major ramp of up V4 Supercharger installations in the US, where nearly a dozen major automakers have agreed to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), which in turn gives their electric vehicle (EV) owners access to the Supercharger network.

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