Drivable Tesla Cybertruck model built by PS Academy Arizona students living with autism in just four weeks

If you notice a drivable scale model Tesla Cybertruck in Gilbert, Arizona, no, you are not seeing things, it is the real deal. The fantastic students at PS Academy Arizona, a K-12 school specializing in working with children with autism and other exceptionalities, recently completed this amazing one-month build.

The brainchild of the project was Technology Instructor Tom Burick. The Cybertruck project was supposed to be a semester-long project for his class. However, after an invite to debut the model at the Concours car event by the Tesla Driver’s Club of Scottsdale, Burick asked his students if they were up for the challenge, to which they enthusiastically replied “we’re up for it,” which then became the truck’s vanity plate.

The Cybertruck has two 12-volt engines, a lithium-ion battery, and rack and pinion steering. Using a 3D printer and laser cutter, the students painstakingly built the vehicle’s body from the ground up using a process called “poor man’s fiberglass” to complete the build. Naturally, the model Cybertruck even has a 400-watt stereo to blast the tunes.

When asked why they wanted to build the vehicle, one of the students of PS Academy said, “we have a different set of abilities, and we want to put them to the test.” Their abilities will continue to be put to the test as they plan to continue working on the Cybertruck through the rest of the semester. Their plans include adding working headlights and taillights, more electronics and even a screen on the dash, just like the real thing.

Based on what they were able to complete in just four weeks we have no doubt they will be able to accomplish those goals.

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