Tesla adds $100 ‘reschedule fee’ for service appointment changes within 24 hours [Update]

As a Tesla owner it is very convenient to be able to set up and arrange a service appointment through the mobile app.

It may be a little too convenient for some who attempt to reschedule their appointment with little notice, and Tesla appears to have taken notice.

To help avoid this situation, Tesla has implemented a new $100 ‘reschedule fee’ if you want to make changes to your service appointment within 24 hours.

The new fee was first spotted by Zack (@BLKMDL3), who noted the fee seems unfair considering his appointment was just to replace a trim piece under warranty, a service that would require less than 10 minutes of work.


Other Twitter users also noted the $100 fee seems exorbitant and unfair as it is not uncommon for Tesla to change appointments on customers with little notice, frequently within 24 hours, leaving them with little recourse other than to accept the revised service date.

We have yet to see any reports of a similar fee being introduced in Canada. If any of our readers have a service appointment scheduled within the next 24 hours, tap on “Manage Appointment” and let us know if you are prompted with the same message as above.

UPDATE 12:29pm PDT: The fee is $125 in Canada, and the app indicates it applies to no-shows and cancellations as well. Thanks to Jason Gates for the screenshot.

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