Tesla Cybertruck shows its off-road capabilities tackling the ‘stair steps’ at Hollister Hills

The unique and unconventional design of the Cybertruck has led to many of its critics questioning whether it will be a real work truck, or wondering how it will stack up against the best off-road pickups. With deliveries just over a month away, three Cybertrucks were spotted being tested at the Hollister Hills State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA) in California, showing the electric pickup will be more than capable when it comes to tackling off-road obstacles.

If you are unfamiliar, Hollister Hills is an outdoor recreation park for off-road vehicles. The entire park is over 6,800 acres in size and features nearly 200 miles (322km) of trails in diverse terrain with various obstacles, one of which is called the ‘stair steps.’ In a video captured by @stretch_thecj2l on Instagram, and shared to X by @DimaZeniuk, the Cybertruck had its suspension set to what appears to be its highest setting, and it handles this obstacle with ease, with the person taking the video even wondering “is it even on?”

For comparison, here is a Rivian R1T, driven by Ryan Levenson of The Kilowatts, tackling the same obstacle just a few weeks ago. It is difficult to directly compare the Cybertruck’s attempt to the R1T, as the conditions of the stair steps can vary from day to day, and because of different drivers, but the Cybertruck appears to handle it just as well, if not better than the R1T, a truck which is widely viewed as an exceptionally good off-road vehicle.

Unfortunately that was the only video shared by @stretch_thecj2l of the Cybertruck testing its mettle at Hollister Hills, although there were a couple of others showing the Cybertrucks casually driving around the park.

Hopefully we will be seeing more of these tests in the months ahead. The first Cybertruck deliveries are scheduled to take place on November 30 at Giga Texas. While deliveries may be starting on that day, it will likely still be a while until you take delivery of your own Cybertruck, even if you have an early reservation. During the earnings call last week Elon Musk cautioned that Cybertruck production ramp will pose “enormous challenges,” and that volume production (around 250,000 units per year) won’t be reached until some time in 2025.

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