Lucid Air Grand Touring gets new heat pump and faster charging, maintains 516 mile range

Lucid has returned the Air Grand Touring to its 2024 lineup. The long-range EV is coming with several upgrades like a heat pump and drivetrain improvements. The Air Grand Touring is still Lucid’s longest-lasting electric sedan on a single charge, with drivers still promised 516 miles (830km) despite the increasingly stringent EPA testing.

According to Lucid, the updates include a heat pump borrowed from the top-of-the-line Air Sapphire, and the ability to charge faster. The former will help the sedan to achieve better ranges in cold weather when EVs usually suffer loss of battery performance. Lucid previously only offered a heat pump on the Sapphire trim.

Lucid said the Grand Touring has seen other improvements that will minimize energy lost as heat. The company worked on the electric motor, which it designed in-house, and the battery cell chemistry. It also improved the battery’s thermal properties. All these upgrades contribute to a more efficient performance even for extended usage.

The luxury sedan will charge faster thanks to better battery pre-conditioning. The car will now enable pre-conditioning before getting to the charging station, resulting in up to a 30 percent increase in charging speed.

All these improvements, while making the Grand Touring the best bang for the buck in Lucid’s lineup, are not coming cheap as it starts at C$150,800 or US$109,900.

Lucid set a new delivery record after offering up to $30,000 in discount. It released Creature Comfort Mode in February to make pets more comfortable in its cars.

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