Tesla Range Extender: A Cybertruck Bed-Mounted Battery Add-On

Tesla has unveiled a unique range extender option for the Cybertruck, providing an additional 30% more range to the top two trims of the all-electric pickup. While the initial announcement left enthusiasts with questions, CEO Elon Musk and Senior Vice President Drew Baglino have shed light on the innovative feature.

The range extender, named “Range Extender,” is available for the Tri-Motor “Cyberbeast” and the Dual-Motor All-Wheel-Drive configurations, pushing their drivable distances to an impressive 470+ miles (756+km) and 440+ miles (708km), respectively.

According to CEO Elon Musk the optional tool-box-sized battery, situated in the bed of the truck, is designed to meet the needs of Cybertruck owners going on very long trips or towing heavy loads up mountains.

Elon Musk clarified that the Range Extender would occupy roughly one-third of the truck bed, leaving ample room for cargo. This approach diverges from traditional electric vehicle range extenders, which often use gasoline generators or engines, something which Tesla would obviously never do.

While pricing details for the Range Extender are yet to be officially released, some keen-eyed enthusiasts have delved into Tesla’s website coding, suggesting a potential US$16,000 price tag for the accessory. This pricing, however, remains speculative.

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