Tesla rolls out new trailer alarm feature in latest Cybertruck software update [2024.8.4]

Tesla has released its latest software update for the Cybertruck, and it includes a brand new towing that will hopefully migrate to the Model X and Model Y as well.

The new feature is included in version 2024.8.4, which started rolling out to Cybertruck owners on Monday. It doesn’t really have a name, with the release notes calling it ‘Vehicle Alarm Includes Trailer.’ As the title implies Tesla has extended the monitoring of the vehicle’s alarm to include the trailer hitch.

What this means is that if your trailer is plugged into the hitch, and someone tries to steal it by unplugging it, the vehicle’s alarm will activate. This feature appears to be turned on by default, according to the release notes.

“The trailer alarm sets and turns off along with your vehicle alarm. You can disable this security feature in your vehicle settings at Towing & Hauling > Trailer Alarm,” the release notes read. (via @DirtyTesla)

This feature is so far only available on the Cybertruck, but considering the Model Y and the Model X can both tow, we expect it to be released to those vehicles as well in the near future.

This new trailer alarm feature isn’t the only trailer-friendly feature we are expecting Tesla to release. Last week Drive Tesla reported that the in-vehicle user interface (UI) will soon display trailer-friendly Superchargers stalls, which will make road-tripping with a trailer much easier.

The 2024.8.4 software update also includes several other features. One was included in a previous update, ‘One-Time Charge Limit’, and others that have already been released in other Tesla vehicles, like being able to use Bluetooth headphones with the rear screen and keep track of tire mileage.

Cybertruck owners can now also use Auto Wipers. Interestingly the release notes for this feature mention “Autopilot features,” even though Autopilot isn’t yet available on the Cybertruck.

Here are the full 2024.8.4 release notes.

Minor Fixes

This release contains minor fixes and improvements.


One-Time Charge Limit

If you’re planning a road trip, you can choose the One-Time Charge option.

This option appears when you increase the Charge Limit above the daily driving recommendation. Afterward you have will automatically revert back to your previously daily driving Charge Limit.

Vehicle Alarm Includes Trailer

Your vehicle alarm now also monitors whether your trailer is plugged into the hitch.

The trailer alarm gets and turns off along with your vehicle alarm. You can disable this security feature in your vehicle settings at Towing and Hauling > Trailer Alarm.

Rear Passenger Headphones

Passengers in the back seat can listen on wireless Bluetooth headphones when watching shows or playing games on the rear touchscreen. The rest of the vehicle can continue to listen to other audio from the front.

  • Pair your headphones at App Launcher > Rear Display Settings > Add New Device. To listen, turn on the headphones (up to two), open an app in Theater or Arcade on the rear screen, and hit play.

View or Reset Tire Mileage

To see the number of miles traveled since your last tire service, in your vehicle settings go to Service and look in the upper right corner. When you get your tires rotated, replaced, or swapped, you can Reset to zero out the counter.

Auto Wipers

Wipers now have an Auto setting that detects precipitation and adjusts the wiping speed and intensity.

Turning on Autopilot features automatically sets wipers to Auto.

Security Improvements

This update includes important security fixes and improvements.

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