Tesla enforces no resale clause on Cybertruck, cancels orders and blacklists owner

Over the last few weeks we have seen the number of “Cybertruck for sale” listings grow, despite owners agreeing not to resell their Cybertruck within the first year of ownership. If you happen to be one of the few early Cybertruck owners, you may want to think twice about even attempting to list your electric pickup truck for sale, as the automaker appears to be following through and taking action on the no-resale clause in their purchase agreement.

Even before the first Cybertruck deliveries began, Tesla added a no resale clause to their purchase agreement. This clause was specific to the Cybertruck, and stated that anyone purchasing one would not sell, or even attempt to resell it within the first year of ownership.

According to the clause, if someone did try this without first getting written permission from Tesla to do so, the company would take action against you, going so far as to seek damages of $50,000 or the profit made from the sale, whichever is greater, and even ban you from purchasing other Tesla vehicles in the future.

This clause hasn’t stopped numerous people from trying, with one Cybertruck AWD recently selling for $244,000 at auction. While we haven’t heard yet if that original owner is facing any legal action from Tesla, another early Cybertruck owner who simply listed their Cybertruck for sale has been blacklisted by the company.

According to Cybertruck Owners Club forum member Dennis (malinecentral), they haven’t sold their Cybertruck, but simply listed it for sale “literally everywhere,” hoping for a big payout. Tesla apparently got wind of the listing, and the company’s Loss and Prevention team reached out to let them know their two other Cybertruck reservations had been cancelled and order fees refunded.

Not only that, they have been blacklisted from ever ordering another Tesla.

“Moving forward, any future orders placed by you will be cancelled without a refund of the $100 reservation or $250 order fee as official notification has been provided to you regarding this matter,” Tesla said in their email.

So far there have been two sides in reaction to this story, with some applauding Tesla for taking action, while others say the company is overreaching. However, the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement the owner signed are clear.

It is also not the first time an automaker has taken action against an owner for selling a car under a similar clause. Pro wrestler John Cena was sued by Ford for selling his Ford GT, and despite being able to afford some very good lawyers, Cena ended up settling the lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed amount of money.

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