Lion Electric and Demers reveal EV Ambulance

Lion Electric and Demers Ambulance revealed last week their EV ambulance, the Demers eFX. The two companies jointly developed the vehicle with financial support from the federal and Quebec provincial government.

Lion Electric is building and assembling the chassis and batteries at its Saint-Jerome, Quebec plant. At the same time, Demers is in charge of the reconfiguration of the medical compartment and is responsible for the final assembly.

The vehicle will be operational in the second half of 2022.

The target is to deliver over 1500 Demers eFX Ambulances over the next five years. The companies will start marketing in North America, but they could take marketing overseas in the future.

Demers Ambulances already markets globally, and their vehicles are in service in 43 countries.

One of the main features of the eFX is its rethought ambulance interior. The company spent significant time designing the rear of the vehicle with the paramedics in mind. They focused on providing better ergonomics for the paramedics during their duties.

Neither Lion Electric nor Demers provided details on cost or when health units could start ordering the vehicles.

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