Tesla Cybertruck spotted in Mexico with roof rack and light bar accessories, and a Starlink antenna

Tesla’s engineers have taken at least two Cybertrucks on a road trip to Mexico. What makes these Cybertruck sightings special, other than that they took place in another country, is that they have given us a glimpse of some of the first accessories that will likely be launched with the truck, as well as a Starlink antenna attached to the roof of one of the electric trucks.

The two Cybertrucks were first spotted by Erik Johnson at the Estero Beach Hotel & Resort in Ensenada, about two hours and 80 miles away from the US/Mexico border south of San Diego. The first thing you notice in the photos are the new wraps on the Cybertrucks. These aren’t really wraps, which cover the entire vehicle, but rather feature just the Cybertruck graffiti wordmark we have seen on other items and apparel launched by Tesla.

However a closer look at the Cybertruck in the background reveals our first look at what is likely the official roof rack accessory, and possibly a light bar.

We have seen a Cybertruck tool rack before at the groundbreaking ceremony for Tesla’s lithium refinery in Texas. It was later clarified by Drew Baglino, Tesla’s SVP, Powertrain and Energy Engineering that it was custom-made for the event, saying “I don’t know” when asked if it was going to be made for all Cybertruck customers.

While that rack was made to store and carry tools, this is a traditional roof rack with two cross bars, one above the b-pillar and the other at the end of the rear door.

There is also another accessory attached at the top of the windshield, which according to Cybertruck enthusiast @greggertruck is a light bar. The original Cybertruck prototype featured a light bar integrated into the windshield, but it has been absent in all Cybertrucks we have seen built since then, much to the disappointment of reservation holders. It appears as though instead of integrating it, they have decided to provide it as an accessory instead.

Despite having a roof rack available, the engineers have also attached a Starlink antenna to the roof of the Cybertruck. In a separate sighting on Tuesday, one of the Cybertrucks was seen with a Starlink antenna sitting on the roof. It is presumed that with the limited cellular connectivity in Mexico, Tesla is using Starlink to keep the vehicle connected to HQ and presumably send back data on the test drive.

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