Tesla removes the curtains to reveal two 9,000 ton Cybertruck Giga Press machines

Tesla has finally removed the curtains they had put up to block the casting area at Giga Texas, indicating that the automaker is very close to the start of Cybertruck production.

Earlier this year Tesla started installing a single 9,000 ton IDRA Giga Press machine that once up and running would be used to create the castings for the Cybertruck. We knew they were installing the massive casting machine because of drone pilots who were able to get a good view inside from a bank of windows on the side of the factory. Apparently not wanting us to see their progress, Tesla soon after blocked those windows with some improvised black curtains. Not long after a second Giga Press arrived at Giga Texas, but since the windows were blocked we assumed, but didn’t know if that had been installed.

Now with sightings of the Cybertruck increasing, including camouflaged units indicating Tesla has finalized the design, those curtains have been removed to show that both Giga Press machines are installed and up and running.

The two Giga Press machines were spotted this morning by drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer.

These two Giga Press machines are already producing castings. As we reported this week Tesla is now accumulating the castings outside Giga Texas in the same storage racks used for Model Y castings, indicating they are not test castings for scrap or recycling but that they will be used in production Cybertrucks.

With production just around the corner, it looks like a delivery event in September as suggested by Elon Musk is very possible.

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