Tesla could break ground on Gigafactory 4 in Germany next week

It was only one month ago that Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the location of the next Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. Now it appears Tesla may break ground on the new factory next week, even before its purchase agreement is approved, according to the Environment and Agriculture Minister of Brandenburg Axel Vogel.

“Tesla is likely to start at [its] own risk even before the approval if a positive decision can be expected. This is permitted by the Federal Immission Control Act for projects of public interest.”

The California automaker built Gigafactory Shanghai in a record 9 months, ahead of even Tesla’s ambitious schedule. If Tesla does indeed break ground next week, there is a good chance that Gigafactory 4 could be complete by the end of 2021.

The first hurdle will be to officially purchase the site in Brandenburg, which will need to be approved by the Brandenburg Finance Committee, where a decision is expected by December 18, 2019. Tesla would then submit an application for approval of the Gigafactory to the State Environmental Agency, likely just a few days after the purchase has received approval.

In preparation for Gigafactory 4 to reportedly begin building the Model Y in 2021, Tesla has apparently sent over some Model Y vehicles to Europe, so that technicians and staff there can become familiar with the vehicle and its inner workings.

h/t: [Tesmanian]

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