Tesla completes V4 Supercharger installation in the Netherlands, expected to go online this month

Tesla has finished installing their first V4 Supercharger in the Netherlands, and we should soon be able to see how fast it can charge as the station is expected to open later this month.

For months we have been expecting Tesla to install their next generation Superchargers in the US after buildings plans for several locations across the country revealed the V4 design. However Tesla surprised us all by announcing at Investor Day earlier this month that the first V4 Supercharger was actually going to be in Europe, and that they had even already started installing it.

It didn’t take long for keen-eyed fans to spot the V4 Supercharger installation in the city of Harderwijk in the Netherlands. While crews were installing the pedestals they were keeping them under covers, but that didn’t hide the fact they are much bigger than the previous V3 Superchargers.

A few weeks later and the installation is now complete and all 16 V4 pedestals have been installed. According to Twitter user @fritsvanens, who has been frequently checking on the progress of construction, Tesla employees at the site said it should be operational before the end of March.

While Tesla announced the installation of the V4 Supercharger, they didn’t provide any specs for the new units, except to say that it will come with a longer charging cable. As you can see in the image above the cable appears to be considerably longer thanks to its design where it now docks on the outside of the pedestal and loops around, and not in the opening in the middle of the V3 design.

The longer cable will prove helpful for the Non-Tesla Supercharger program as the charge port on EVs is not standardized leading to multiple stalls being blocked to use the shorter V3 charging cable. Given that Tesla highlighted this as a benefit during Investor Day this station in Harderwijk will likely be open to non-Teslas, although that has not yet been confirmed.

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