Tesla installing first V4 Supercharger in the Netherlands [Video]

Tesla announced this week at Investor Day that they had just started construction of their first V4 Supercharger in Europe. The location of the V4 Supercharger wasn’t announced, but it has now been discovered in the Netherlands.

The new V4 Supercharger is located in Harderwijk and was discovered by YouTuber electricfelix, who happened to come upon it while crews were in the process of installing one of the massive pedestals. Three other V4 pedestals had already been installed but were covered up, but as we expected this new hardware is significantly taller than the current V3 Superchargers.

Several people were standing around the uncovered pedestal and it towers above all of them, the tallest of which appear to be around 6ft tall.

Based on the construction it appears as though this will be a large 16 stall installation. The added benefit of this new design is that the charging cable is also longer, as it now exits from the pedestal on the outside of the cabinet instead of on the inside like the current generation of Supercharger, much like the Megachargers that have been installed for the Tesla Semi.

We should hopefully see these units uncovered soon, and learning more about their capabilities and how fast they charge, possibly as soon as next month. According to Tesla’s Find-Us map the Harderwijk V4 Supercharger is slated to open in Q2 2023. You can read more on what we know so far about V4 Superchargers here.

Here is the video of the V4 Supercharger under construction.

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