Tesla Model X Plaid now only available in 6 seat configuration, increasing base price in Canada and US

Tesla has made some changes to the Model X Plaid, updating the available seating configurations, and as a result, also the base price of the flagship SUV.

Until tonight, buyers of the Model X Plaid could pick between 5, 6, or 7 seat configurations. The 5 seat configuration was standard, giving the vehicle a base price of $119,990 USD or $159,990 CAD.

Now only the 6 seat configuration remains, meaning the base price has increased by the same amount as the previous amount required to upgrade to the 6 seat configuration. (h/t: @BLKMDL3)

For US buyers, that equates to a $6,500 price change to $126,490.

Canadian buyers will have to pay $8,500 extra, giving the top-of-the-line electric SUV a starting price of $168,490 north of the border.

Interestingly, the change only applies to the Plaid variant. If you are looking to purchase a Long Range, you can still select between the 5, 6, or 7 seat configurations.

It is unclear how this change might impact Plaid buyers with existing orders for the 5 or 7 seat configurations. One of our readers, Thinker (@goldentouch), has a 5 seat Model X on order that is set to arrive in New Jersey September, and is now unable to “Mange” his order in his Tesla account.

If you have an existing order for a 5 or 7 seat Model X Plaid, let us know if you are able to access and manage your order in your account.



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