Tesla China report reveals company’s positive environmental impact in the country

Tesla China released its year-to-date energy report, and Tesla is making serious difference in terms of emissions.

The top headline is that Tesla owners helped reduce carbon emissions in China by 855,878 tons in the first eleven months of 2021.

As per the report, the over 500,000 Teslas on the road in China drove over 3.72 billion km over that same period.

Put into another measurement, you could travel between Earth and Mars thirty-three times.

In addition, Tesla saw a massive increase in home chargers in Mainland China with a 40% increase year over year, according to a report by gasgoo.

With home charging through the Tesla Wall Connector, driver’s cost to recharge was only RMB 5-7 ($1.01 – $1.41 CDN) per hundred km.

As well, 2021 was a big year for Superchargers within China.

The company’s report notes that Tesla China built over 1,000 Supercharging stations and over 8,0000 Supercharging piles across Mainland China.

The company now has stations in all capital cities and municipalities.

Finally, 2021 was a big year in terms of destination charging stations.

Tesla China’s Destination network added another 100 charging stations over the last eleven months.

The destination network is now over 700 stations and 1,800 destination charging piles.

However, charging network in China is only going to get bigger.

Tesla China opened their Shanghai Supercharger Production Plant in September 2021 to produce chargers for the country.

The plant’s production capacity is 10,000 V3 superchargers per year.

Least to say, in an increasingly competitive EV space, Tesla China continues to push forward and showcase why Tesla is the top dog within the red dragon.

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