Build your future Tesla Cybertruck design with this fun visualizer

The Tesla Cybertruck might still be nearly two years away, but you can still have some fun creating your future Cybertruck using this new Cybertruck Visualizer.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already stated that the only way to add colour to your Cybertruck is going to be done by adding a vinyl wrap to it.

With this tool, you can test all all the different colour options before it arrives in your driveway.

The tool comes from the Cybertruck Owners Club, and allows you to customize a number of features other than the colour, including adding stickers/decals, window tint, adjusting the suspension height, lights, and more.

Canadian Tesla Cybertruck

The interface can be a little frustrating at times, particularly when placing stickers on the Cybertruck. When you place them down, they don’t always go exactly where you want them to. But it can still lead to much more time than you thought customizing the futuristic electric truck.

Another cool feature is if you use your mobile device to create a custom Cybertruck, then you can view it in a real-world environment through the Augmented Reality (AR) function on your device.

Give it a try and

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