Tesla also increases price for Model S, Model X, and Long Range and Performance Model 3 in Canada

Tesla S3XY lineup

Tesla has been busy. On the plus side they recently added the tow hitch as an option for the Model Y. On the negative side they also increased the price of the Model Y in Canada by as much as $3,600.

The weakening Canadian dollar is likely to blame for the price increase, and it’s not limited to the Model Y. Tesla has also now increased the price of the two more expensive versions of the Model 3 in Canada, as well as the Model S and Model X.

Model 3 Price Increases

Before today, the Long Range (LR) Model 3 was available for $65,990. The new price is now $67,990, an increase of $2,000.

The Performance Model 3 has also increased by $2,000, going from $75,990 to $77,990.

The Standard Range Plus has been spared from the price increase, remaining at $55,990, before any incentives are applied (up to $8,000 in British Columbia and Quebec). Any price increase would have impacted the eligibility for the federal iZEV rebate, greatly impacting sales of the SR+ in Canada.

Model S Price Increases

The Model S was not so fortunate, being hit with the biggest price increase. The LR version takes the prize with the biggest increase of $4,000 to $112,090, and the Performance version increased by $3,000 up to $137,990.

Model X Price Increases

For the Model X, the price has increased for both the Long Range Plus (LR+) and Performance variants. The LR+ was the hardest hit, increasing by $3,900 from $116,990 up to $119,090.

The Performance Model X increased by $2,900, from $142,090 to $144,990.


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