Tesla brings back factory tours through the referral program

Tesla has brought back factory tours for owners, this time also expanding the program to their newer factories. Owners can now redeem referral credits for a factory tour of Fremont, Giga Texas, or Giga Berlin.

Tesla used to offer tours of their Fremont factory at no cost to any owner once per year. Four tours were offered daily from Monday to Friday, with each one lasting about 60 minutes. Owners were guided through parts of the factory in an electric cart/trolley, similar to what is used for tours at places like Disney Land and Universal Studios.

Like many other things, the tours were canceled when the COVID-19 pandemic struck North America in 2020. A year later CEO Elon Musk said the tours would restart “probably in a few months,” but two years later and they had still not returned.

Now they are back, and owners can get tours of Fremont, Giga Texas, or if you live in Europe, Giga Berlin. The cost is 15,000 referral credits, meaning you will need at least 2 referrals (10,000 credits each) to be able to redeem.

The fine print of the reward says you and up to three guests will receive a walking tour of one of the three factories. Travel and accommodation are not included, and tours are also restricted to those 12 years of age or older. Importantly, no photos or videos will be allowed.

Once you have redeemed Tesla will reach out to you within 5 business days with more information about scheduling your tour.

Will you be redeeming for a factory tour? Let us know in the comments below.

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