Volkswagen cuts ID.4 CROZZ price in China

2021 VW ID4
Credit: VW

Volkswagen recently launched a new promotion in China to boost interest in the ID.4, cutting the price of the electric SUV to start at just ¥145,900 (C$27,200/US$20,100). This is a substantial price reduction, considering that the ID.4 was initially introduced in China in January 2021 with a price tag of ¥193,900 yuan (C$36,200/US$26,700).

Volkswagen’s operations in China are a little confusing, with the automaker operating through two distinct joint ventures: SAIC-VW and FAW-VW. Volkswagen maintains an equal 50% stake in both. Each JV carries different vehicles, with the ID.3, for example, falling only under SAIC-VW’s portfolio.

However, both JVs offer variations of the ID.4 and ID.6 models. The ID.4 CROZZ and ID.6 CROZZ belong to FAW-VW, while the ID.4X and ID.6X are associated with SAIC-VW. This price reduction is specifically limited to FAW-VW’s ID.4 CROZZ, and according to a report from CarNewsChina, limited to just 3,000 units.

This price reduction approach mirrors Volkswagen’s successful strategy with the ID.3 in China. Initially limited to 3,000 units, the ID.3 promotion eventually continued after more than 17,000 units were sold, leading to a substantial boost in sales.

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