Tesla Fremont factory tours will restart “in a few months”: Elon Musk

Tesla fans will soon be able to get an inside look at the Fremont factory in California. The automaker is set to restart their popular factory tours later this year.

The announcement was made by none other than CEO Elon Musk. When responding to a question from Twitter user Bennett about when they will resume, Musk surprisingly didn’t give his de facto response of ‘two weeks’, instead saying they will probably restart in a few months.

The tours are available at no cost to any Tesla owner once per year, and were a popular choice for road-tripping owners from Canada.

Four tours were offered daily from Monday to Friday, with each one lasting about 60 minutes. Owners are guided through parts of the factory in an electric cart/trolley, similar to what is used for tours at places like Disney Land and Universal Studios.

As with basically everything else, the tours were cancelled after the COVID-19 pandemic hit North America last year. They were also shut down in 2019 as multiple areas of the factory were under construction to accommodate the addition of the Model Y production line.

The shutdown ended up only being temporary. After several complaints from fans who had planned trips months in advance specifically for the tours, Musk said they would re-open and detour around the construction areas.

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