Tesla breaks one-month old production record at Giga Shanghai

Over the summer Tesla completed some production line upgrades at Giga Shanghai, increasing the factory’s output to over 1 million units per year. The upgrades have translated into quick results for the automaker, with Giga Shanghai setting a second production record in as many months.

The upgrades were completed in August, and even with a partial month of full production, Giga Shanghai was still able to set a production record in August of 76,605 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

Now with one full month of upgraded production in hand, Giga Shanghai set another production record in September.

According to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) a total of 82,088 vehicles rolled off the production lines last month, beating the record set the month before by nearly 5,500 units. (via Shareloft)

The Model Y accounted for 51,381 of those vehicles, with the Model 3 making up the remaining 30,257 units.

Interestingly, despite the overall increase, Model Y production actually decreased by over 5,000 units. Shareloft speculates this number could be due to a short production stop due to a typhoon in mid-September, or possibly ongoing supply chain issues that have plagued all automakers.

This also indicates October has the potential to be another record-breaking month for Giga Shanghai if Model Y production can match or beat August’s performance.

Earlier this week the CPCA also published Tesla’s monthly sales, showing the company also set a record selling 83,135 vehicles in September – 77,613 domestically in China, while exporting another 5,522 to other markets.

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