Tesla Model S/X reservation holders in China asked for final payment as deliveries near

After a very long wait Tesla Model S and Model X reservation holders in China will finally be getting their cars soon. Reports from China indicate customers are now being asked to prepare for delivery and make the final payment.

This week we have seen several clues that Model S/X deliveries were about to start in China. Now we get confirmation from Twitter user Yan Chang (@cyfoxcat), who shared screenshots from the mobile app where a Model X reservation holder is being told to prepare for delivery, while a Model S reservation holder is being asked for the final payment of ¥1,013,990. (h/t: @SawyerMerritt)

This is also the first time we know the price of the Model S in China. With the typical ¥20,000 deposit, that puts the Model S at ¥1,033,990, or about $199,000 CAD or $144,000 USD. Although the pictures don’t show it, given the high price this is likely the Plaid variant.

It is also unclear if that price includes the purchase tax exemption. Earlier today Chin’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) approved both the Tesla Model S and Model X for the purchase tax exemption.

We have also seen the first Model S Plaid spotted in China, with no ultrasonic sensors indicating it is a brand new build out of Fremont.

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