Tesla blown up with dynamite in Finland

Sometimes you are so frustrated you want to take out your anger on your car. Well, a Finnish man recently took this to a new extreme when he blew up his 2013 Tesla Model S with dynamite.

Tuomas Katainen bought the used Tesla a few months ago. He noted that the first 1,500 km were excellent, but then the error codes started to hit.

He ordered a tow truck and sent his car to a service station.

After more than a month, Tuomas finally got a call, and the news was not good. The dealer could do nothing for the car and that the only option was to change the whole battery pack, which was going to cost at least 20,000 Euros.

So, Tuomas did what any person would do in this situation and decided that it was best to blow up his Tesla for a YouTube video.

The video goes into detail on how Pommijatkat set up the explosion. It is not a simple exercise, but the YouTubers did good work. They even included an Elon Musk effigy which arrives via helicopter- complete with a helmet.

The effigy is then strapped into the car, ready for the ride of its life.

See below for the full video, including the epic explosion!


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