Tesla begins wide release of FSD Beta 11.3.2 [2022.45.11]

Tesla has started the wide release of the latest version of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta, deploying v11.3.2 to more testers late on Saturday night. The long-awaited update includes the single stack version of FSD Beta that unites the city streets and highway Autopilot code.

On Wednesday Elon Musk said version 11 of FSD Beta would go to a wide release “this weekend”. Many were skeptical it would actually happen as the CEO has given a similar timeline many times before, saying last year it would be released before Halloween.

This time the statement was accurate however, with more testers receiving update 2022.45.11 late last night, including our 2019 Model 3 in Canada.


So far the update appears to have gone to a relatively small number of new testers according to third-party tracker Teslascope, but as with previous releases the numbers should grow later on Sunday as Tesla rolls the update out to more cars after ensuring stability among the first releases from last night.

The 2022.45.11 release notes are largely the same as the previous 2022.45.10 update that included FSD Beta 11.3.1, which was only sent to a limited number of public testers. The one new addition to the release notes is the repositioning of the blind spot camera when FSD Beta is active. Tesla has changed the position so that it doesn’t interfere and cover up the visualizations, but users can still customize the location to their preferences.

“Adjusted position of Automatic Blind Spot Camera when FSD Beta is active to prioritize the Autopilot visualizations. Drag the camera to save custom positions,” the release notes read.

Some of the bigger updates with this version of FSD Beta, aside from the single stack, is the addition of voice memos (the ability to create a voice note to send to Autopilot engineers after a disengagement to explain what happened), new visualizations (thicker blue line and chevrons on the path predictor when slowing down like in the image above), and on-screen prompts to notify the driver what action the car is performing or about to perform, e.g., ‘Slowing for traffic light.’

Have you received FSD Beta 11.3.2? Let us know in the comments below.

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