Tesla releases FSD Beta 11.3.1 to public testers

fsd beta

Tesla has finally released the highly-anticipated Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta version 11.3.1 to public testers. While the release is now in the hands of the public it is still in an early stage of release and limited to a small number of testers.

Yesterday we saw the internal release notes of v11.3.1 shared on social media, and late last night the release was made public, with many of the original testers in California receiving 2022.45.10. Unfortunately the release is still on a 2022 version of the software meaning all of the new and updated features since the Holiday Update were not included.

Here are the full details of the FSD Beta section of the release notes.

This release is a big one because it is the first release where Tesla has combined their highway and city streets neural nets into a single stack, replacing the over four-year old highway Autopilot code.

So far the reviews have been mostly positive, with testers reporting drives with zero interventions.

Aside from the single stack, there are also some visualization changes for version 11.3.1. One of the biggest is new messages at the top of the screen telling the driver what the vehicle is doing, like in the picture below “stopping for traffic light.” This should help as you will now know what the car is doing, or preparing to do, making it easier for driver to prepare and anticipate upcoming actions by the vehicle.

There have also been some features we were expecting to see not included in the public release, the most notable being the omission of voice memos. According to internal release notes leaked last month we saw that drivers could create a voice clip to provide feedback to Tesla engineers after a disengagement. This looked like it was going to be a replacement for the video snapshot button that disappeared several months ago, but it appears to have been left out of the public release.

UPDATE 12:21pm PT: Voice memos are still included in this release.

The next question now becomes when this update will go to wide release. Based on previous releases if all goes well with testing the rest of the fleet will hopefully receive FSD Beta version 11 before the end of March.

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