EV interest skyrockets after Vancouver Island fuel shortages

With hundreds of people lining up for hours at Victoria gas stations, the British Columbia government has implemented gas rationing, limiting drivers to 30 liters (8 gallons) of fuel per visit.

This has led to interest in electric vehicles (EVs) in British Columbia’s capital skyrocketing in recent days.


Motorize Electric Vehicles owner Julian Sale noted that inquiries are higher than average.

However, the primary source of the inquiries is not the general public but rather small businesses. Small business owners find it hard to justify the time and expense of having their employees wait in a long gas line while they are on the company dime, according to a report by Victoria News.

One of the other significant sources of the buzz around EVs is self-employed delivery drivers. With the razor-thin margins, and already high gas prices, the move to EV seems to be a smart one given the savings on gas and less downtime and maintenance.

However, the continual supply chain issues are slowing down adaption. For Sale, he can’t keep inventory on the lot.

As soon as a vehicle comes in, it is out the door. A good problem to have for a car lot, but as demand is outstripping supply, people continue to wait a long time to take the plunge to an EV on Vancouver Island.

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