Tesla launches new Cybertruck interior colour and wheel and tire options

Tesla has launched two new options for buyers when configuring their Cybertruck, including a new interior colour and new wheels and tires that provide more range and comfort.

Tactical Grey Interior

When Tesla first started deliveries of the Cybertruck, the Foundation Series trucks only came with a black and white interior, with the white reserved for the door panels and dash. This wasn’t seen as ideal by many potential buyers considering it is a truck and would often be used for “truck things” that don’t lend themselves to having a white interior.

Now Tesla has launched a new darker interior option called ‘Tactical Grey,’ at no additional cost, that should alleviate those concerns. You can see a comparison between the two interior options below (drag the slider arrows left and right).

Core Wheels & Covers

Along with the new interior, Tesla also launched a new wheel and tire package, also at no additional cost. Cybertruck buyers can now select a new 20″ Core Wheel Cover paired with 35″ All-Season Tires. Until now the Cybertruck has been equipped with 35″ All-Terrain tires.

According to Tesla this configuration offers greater “efficiency and comfort on the road in any weather condition,” providing a range up to 340 miles (547km) for the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Cybertruck and 318 miles for the Tri-Motor Cyberbeast, an increase from the 318 miles (512km) and 301 miles (484km) respectively, when equipped with the 35″All-Terrain tires.

While this new configuration does provide extra range, it does come at the cost of aesthetics, as the Core Wheel Covers are significantly smaller than the aero covers we have seen on Cybertrucks up to now. You can see a comparison between the two different covers below. There are some additional pictures of the smaller covers here from when they were spotted on test Cybertrucks last year.

Both of these new options are only available to customers who have been invited to configure a Cybertruck, and can not be seen on Tesla’s regular website.

What do you think of these new options? Let us know in the comments below.

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