Contact Energy Picks Tesla Megapacks to Power 100MW Battery in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Contact Energy has announced plans to build a 100-megawatt (MW) grid-scale battery at Glenbrook, near Auckland, New Zealand, powered by Tesla Megapacks. This project is set to cost up to NZD$163 million (C$133 million) and is expected to be operational by the first quarter of 2026.

The battery will be located adjacent to the NZ Steel plant and Transpower’s grid connection point, making it the closest grid-scale battery project to Auckland’s significant electricity load. This proximity is crucial for efficiently meeting the high energy demands of the region.

Once operational, the Glenbrook battery will provide crucial support for New Zealand’s renewable energy grid, particularly during peak winter demand when electricity needs are highest. Contact Energy says the project will be able to power 44,000 homes when the Megapacks are discharging into the grid.

An interesting aspect of the agreement with Tesla is the option to expand the battery’s capacity from 100MW to 130MW in the future.

The site selection follows a competitive tender process in which Tesla’s Megapack 2 XL battery energy storage system emerged as the preferred solution. Tesla will not only supply the battery system but also provide long-term maintenance and commissioning services.

In addition to supporting new wind and solar projects, the Glenbrook battery will play a vital role in reducing the country’s reliance on gas peakers—plants that are typically used to meet peak electricity demand but contribute significantly to carbon emissions. By providing a reliable and flexible energy storage solution, the battery will help smooth out the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, ensuring a steady, dependable, and environmentally friendly supply of electricity.

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