Fisker is recalling every Ocean SUV

Bankruptcy is not the only issue Fisker is dealing with, as the beleaguered EV maker recalls every Ocean SUV on the road. This time, the problem is with doors that may not open for passengers to get in or out.

The basic task of allowing riders in and out of a car is looking insurmountable for the troubled Fisker Ocean SUV. The EV startup, in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings, has issued a second recall within a month, affecting all the cars it has ever sold in the US, Canada, and Europe.

The culprits are outer door handles that may not budge, blocking riders from entering or getting out.

According to Fisker, the door handles are getting stuck because of dimensional variations in their physical measurements. This has been causing the handles to generate increased friction and inadequate retracting force.

Fisker estimates that about 2.5 percent of all the Ocean units sold globally are affected. The company has sold 8,204, 513, and 3,806 units in the US, Canada, and Europe, respectively.

Transport Canada has updated its website with the recall notice. It says all Fisker owners will be contacted by email and “advise you to take your vehicle to a Fisker service center to inspect and, if necessary, replace the outside door handle(s).”

When taken in, support technicians will test each car with a special tool and replace any faulty door handle. The company will also have to test each of the thousands of unsold Ocean SUVs before they can be delivered if they ever find buyers.

Ocean owners, however, have yet to know what will happen if Fisker shuts down for good.

Meanwhile, the Ocean moniker might live on as a Lucid-made car.

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