Tesla allows buyers of existing inventory in Europe add FSD, EAP, and winter tires as options

Tesla has made a lot of changes to its website over the last few days. Two of the changes have impacted those outside of North America.

The first was the start of Model Y orders in the UK last night. The other impacts Europeans wanting to buy a car from existing inventory.

Unlike in Canada and the US where existing inventory cars are purchased as-is, customers in Europe now have the ability to make customizations to the vehicle.

Once you have found a car you like, buyers have the option to add either Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) or Full Self-Driving (FSD).

You can also add a set of 18″ or 19″ Pirelli winter tires, which Tesla says “is essential for optimal driving behavior on snow and ice.”

Europe options

Existing inventory has been a popular way to buy a Tesla recently, as it gives you delivery in a very short time frame, usually within a week or less.

This compares to placing a new order, which for the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 in North America means a potential 9 month wait.

Tesla did have a bit of a mixup this week with their inventory in Canada. The automaker mistakenly shipped several Model 3s with LFP battery packs to Vancouver, leading to some frustrated customers.


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