Tesla Premium Connectivity Trial Period Downgraded For Model 3/Y

Along with a host of other changes to the website last night, Tesla has also quietly downgraded the included Premium Connectivity trial period for Model 3 and Model Y.

Starting today, October 15th, 2021, all Model 3 and Y purchases will only include a 30-day free Premium Connectivity Trail.

Previously, only the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 included 30 days free while the premium interior trims received a 1-year trial.

premium connectivity
Image via Tesla

If you are planning on buying a Model S or Model X, they both still include a full year, regardless of what configuration you choose.

This change could be in preparation for Tesla to release live-streaming from the vehicles cameras to your phone. Evidence of this feature was found in the most recent mobile app update, which according to the code will arrive with vehicle software update 2021.40.

Premium Connectivity is a great package that most customers would find reasonably priced at $10 USD or $13.99 CAD per month. Included features range from having live traffic visualizations on the map to music streaming with Slacker and Tunein, as well as video streaming through YouTube, Netflix, and most recently Disney+ (but only in the US for now).

If you choose not to purchase Premium Connectivity after your trial ends, you can still connect your smartphones wireless hotspot to allow music and video streaming, and use of the web browser.

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