Rivian receives Transport Canada certification to deliver R1T and R1S in Canada

Yesterday we published a story on how Rivian had applied with Transport Canada to import and sell their vehicles north of the border, but was not able to meet the requirements to do so.

Today we have some good news for Canadian reservation holders. Rivian reached out exclusively to Drive Tesla this afternoon to let us know that as of today they are now certified and registered with Transport Canada and can legally begin delivering their EVs in Canada.

Rivian also clarified that Transport Canada requested more information and documentation from them before giving them the official certification.

The Transport Canada website for the ‘Preclearance List of Recognized Vehicle Importers’ has already been updated to include Rivian, showing that both the R1T (Truck OEM) and R1S (MPV) are included in the certification.

With this big hurdle now out of the way, Rivian deliveries in Canada will hopefully begin soon.

A company spokesperson was not able to tell us when they might start, saying they will first reach out to early reservation holders to let them know before making the news public.

But based on the other work Rivian has been doing behind the scenes, we expect that to happen soon, and we also expect the first deliveries to take place in Vancouver.

The automaker has been setting up and hiring for its first service center in Vancouver, a critical step the company has previously said must be in place before starting deliveries in an area.

Rivian is also currently hiring for ‘Vehicle Registration Specialists’, a position which will help customers register new vehicles in Canada will be based in Vancouver as well.

If any of our readers are early Rivian reservation holders, reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca to let us know if you receive an update on your order.

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