Tesla sends out invites to AI Day 2022; to feature Tesla Bot, Dojo, Full Self-Driving

Tesla has been revealing what it has in store at its upcoming AI Day 2022. The information is contained in the invites going out to intending participants.

According to the invitation AI Day 2, coming up on September 30th, will feature Full Self-Driving, Tesla Bot, Dojo, and more.

However unlike most previous Tesla events, people receiving the invitations are not allowed to bring a +1.


The first major event hosted by Tesla was Battery Day in 2020, where Elon Musk revealed the 4680 battery. The EV maker had the first AI Day last year, where it talked about the Tesla Bot and Dojo supercomputer.

This year’s installment of AI Day was scheduled for August but was moved to September. Musk has said fans can expect to see a Tesla Bot, aka Optimus, prototype.

The event will serve as a recruitment tool for Tesla’s AI team, which Musk boasts is the best in the world.

The invite reads, “You’re invited to attend AI Day 2022 on September 30 in Palo Alto, CA. You’ll learn about Tesla’s latest developments in artificial intelligence, including Full Self-Driving, Tesla Bot, Dojo, and more.”

Part of what we expect that “more” to include is an update on Tesla’s upcoming Hardware 4, which we have already seen hints of in the source code and in the Tesla Parts Catalog. We have also seen Tesla testing new side repeater cameras with a wider field of view that will be part of HW4.

We will cover the event and break it down so everyone can understand what exactly Tesla is up to in the world of AI, as most of the material that is covered is very technical. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@driveteslaca) and check back here on September 30.

You can also check out our simplified summary of the first AI Day here.

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