Tesla adjusts Model 3/Y pricing in the US again, new wood door trim appears on all variants of Model 3 in Canada and US

Tesla has made a number of changes to its website tonight in both Canada and the US.

Model 3/Y Price Changes

If you are having trouble following along with Tesla’s price changes, you are not alone. The Model Y has experienced yet another $500 increase to the Long Range (LR) variant, pushing it just above the $50,000 mark to $50,490.

This is the fourth increase or decrease to the Model Y in the last few months.

The Model 3 was also impacted. The Standard Range Plus (SR+) and LR variants increased by $500 each, and the Performance increased by $1,000.

There were no price changes on the Canadian site.

New Wood Door Trim

We first suspected the new wood door trim would begin appearing in vehicles made from Fremont earlier this week when it appeared on Tesla’s website in Germany.

Now the Design Studio has been updated to include the wood trim on all variants of the Model 3/Y in both Canada and the US.

Model 3 wood trim

The Model Y is still missing the wood trim, but the Design Studio has been updated with the new center console. It has been appearing Model Y’s for several months but Tesla has now made it official.Model Y interior

Another change Tesla made to its website tonight is the addition of the Standard Range (SR) Model 3 in Canada. Customers can now buy the 151km variant without Autopilot for $44,999.

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