Tesla raises price of Model 3 by $500 in the US, no changes for Canada

In a midday update to its website, Tesla has raised the price of the Model 3 in the U.S. by $500 this afternoon.

The price change impacts both the Standard Range Plus (SR+) and Long Range (LR) variants, with the vehicles now starting at $37,490 and $46,990 respectively.

There have been no price changes to any variants of the Model 3 in Canada.

This most recent round of changes puts the SR+ at almost the same price it was one month ago, and returns the LR Model 3 to its previous pricing. On February 17 the SR+ Model 3 was reduced $1,000 to $36,990, while just four days later the LR Model 3 was also reduced by $1,000 from $46,990 to $45,990.

This isn’t the only price change Tesla has made in the last 24 hours. Last night the automaker also increased the price of the Model Y in China after two months of strong sales since it launched in January.

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