Tesla now offers ‘Anti-Ice Window Treatment’ for owners in colder climates like Canada

Tesla has begun offering a brand new service to owners in an effort to improve their winter experience.

The new service is called the “Anti-Ice Window Treatment”, and can be booked at your local service center. One of the reasons for this new service from Tesla is the frameless windows and doors on the Model 3, which require the window to go down slightly before opening. In freezing temperatures, the windows can become frozen in place, resulting in damage to either the window, or chrome trim on the vehicle.

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Tesla Anti-Ice Window Treatment

Some owners have reportedly already booked this service with Tesla, and it costs $150USD. No word yet on what exactly the service entails, and how much it will cost in Canada. Depending on what is involved, this sounds like the kind of service you could book for a Tesla Mobile Ranger visit.

We will update this post as more information becomes available about cost and availability in Canada.

Have you either had this service done, or have it booked to be done soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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