Tesla abruptly ends free FSD transfer program

Tesla has decided to end their free Full Self-Driving (FSD) transfer program, one day after slashing the price of the FSD subscription in the US and launching subscriptions in Canada.

Tesla first offered FSD transfers in Q3 2023, with CEO Elon Musk giving in after years of owners asking for the ability to transfer the software they paid as much as C$19,500/US$16,000 for. However the deal was promoted as a “one-time amnesty” by Musk, pushing owners to purchase a new Tesla and transfer their FSD before the end of the quarter.

Despite saying it would only be offered once, it has returned twice since then, most recently at the beginning of the month. However unlike previous promotions, this latest FSD transfer offer was not advertised on the company’s website, and according to internal communications seen by Drive Tesla, the offer was available “for a limited time.”

As it turns out, it was an extremely limited time, as the offer has been pulled just 8 days after it was reintroduced, according to a post by Sawyer Merritt on X.


We have since been able to independently verify that the program has been pulled, but if you have already placed an order before April 13, 2024 with the intent to transfer FSD, you will still be able to do so.

The decision to end the FSD transfer program is surprising, as many owners, including us, have been calling for it to become permanent. Those calls became extra loud yesterday when Tesla slashed the price of FSD subscriptions to US$99, a 50% drop from the previous US$199 per month. The deal was even better for Canadians, who have to pay C$99, or US$72 for a monthly FSD subscription.

With the new subscription pricing, you would have to continuously subscribe to FSD for over 13 years in Canada or over 10 years in the US to break even on buying FSD outright, which currently sits at C$16,000 and US$12,000 (this of course assumes a stable subscription price over this period).

Tesla cancelling the FSD transfers is hopefully because they will be overhauling the program and will be making it a permanent offer for all existing owners with FSD.

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