Tesla FSD subscription in Canada priced at just $99 per month [Update]

Tesla has finally brought Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscriptions to Canada, more than two years after the option was launched in the United States. In a very unexpected move, the price for the subscription is only $99 per month, lower than the price in the US.

Earlier today Tesla lowered the price of FSD subscriptions in the US from $199 per month to $99 per month. A few hours later and Tesla had another update, announcing on X that the FSD subscription is also available in Canada, and also at $99 per month. When you take the exchange rate into account, Canadians are getting the better deal and only paying roughly US$72 per month.

While Tesla has announced the pricing, it appears the option to actually subscribe hasn’t appeared yet, at least in our mobile app. This could be because of the current 30 day trial still ongoing for most Canadian Tesla owners.

UPDATE 5:30 pm PT: The FSD subscription option has now appeared in the app. It is important to note that if you are on 2024.8.7 or 2024.8.9 and subscribe to FSD, you will get v11.4.9, not v12.

There is currently no timeline for when v12 will reach the 2024.8 branch.

Once it appears in the app, owners can subscribe at any time, and can also cancel at any time as the subscription is month to month, making it ideal for those who want to purchase FSD for a summer road trip, or not have the functionality in the middle of winter.

With the $99 monthly payment, Tesla owners get access to the entire suite of features included in the FSD Capability package, which includes Autosteer on city streets (aka FSD Supervised), Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, Autopark, and Smart Summon.

This monthly subscription eliminates the major barrier that is paying for FSD Capability outright, which currently costs $16,000, but has been as high as $19,500 in Canada. At the current prices, you would have to continuously subscribe to FSD for nearly 13.5 years to break even with the purchase price of FSD.

As with the subscription in the US, Canadian Tesla owners must have at least the Hardware 3.0 (HW3.0) self-driving computer in order to be eligible for the program.

Will you be subscribing? Let us know in the comments below.

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