Porsche Taycan sales drop significantly in Q1 2024 in anticipation of upgraded version this spring

The Porsche Taycan sales dipped significantly in the first quarter of 2024. However, there could be a silver lining as the company is prepping a new version for an April release.

Porsche sold 77,640 cars in Q1 2024, a 4 percent dip year-on-year. The carmaker has explained the sales downturn is due to upcoming refreshes affecting the Taycan, Macan, the new Panamera, and the 911.

The Taycan accounted for most of the drop across all its versions. The last quarter was the slowest ever since it launched. Porsche only sold 4,236 units worldwide, a whopping 54 percent reduction from the same period. The loss is even more pronounced compared to the last quarter of 2023 when the model sold nearly 13,000 units.

Porsche sold only 1,247 Taycans in the US, down 18 percent.

Overall, electric cars were less than 6 percent of Porsche’s sales in Q1 2024.

Porsche, however, may be able to drum up more attention with the upcoming upgrades to the Taycan in the spring of this year. The 2025 Taycan could prove irresistible with more battery and driving range, faster acceleration, quicker DC charging, and more. The 2025 Taycan Turbo GT will produce more than 1,000 hp.

The Macan is also looking like another boost for Porsche when it finally arrives in the second half of 2024. Porsche has reported a great demand for the electric SUV based on Volkswagen Group’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE).

Porsche expanded its recall of the Taycan for battery fire risks in March.

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