Tesla’s 2021 Impact Report goes live

Tesla released its 2021 Impact Report, and the results show the company is moving towards full sustainability.

The report broke it down into four major themes

  • People
  • Environment
  • Supply Chain
  • Product


This year’s version of the report put a big focus on people. The company highlighted that Tesla is one of the few majority-minority companies in the US. The US workforce for Tesla is 62 per cent of underrepresented groups. Tesla is still a desirable place to work for people as the company received 3 million applicants, a record for the automaker.

Tesla also noted that they are looking to continue to expand hiring opportunities in underrepresented communities by building community partnerships and pushing training programs


Between 2012 and 2021, Tesla noted they its solar panels generated more electricity than consumed by its fleet and factories. As per Tesla, their solar panels generated 25.39 TWh of energy. At the same time, their factories and vehicles are estimated around 25.27 TWh.

Although the company did note it needs to continue to scale its operations while making its products better.

Supply Chain

The report also spent a significant amount of time looking at how Tesla is cleaning its supply chain. The company is working hard with its suppliers to ensure that its suppliers and supply chain are clean and green. Additionally, Tesla confirmed they are looking to re-use more raw materials for its production. The company implemented an in-house closed-loop recycling system to ensure 100 per cent of Tesla batteries received are recycled. Tesla also continues to use a few different battery chemistries to avoid straining specific supply chains.


It comes as no surprise, but Tesla’s vehicles and ecosystem, are best-in-class. Not only are the cars doing well, but the Supercharger Network uses 100 per cent renewable energy.

Tesla vehicles’ safety is second to none, especially with Autopilot. The cars are safer than the US average in both accidents and fires.

You can read Tesla’s full 2021 Impact Report for yourself here:

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