Tesla confirms reintroduction of Model S/X screen tilt, adds new Model S headlights to Design Studio [Update]

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Tesla has updated the Design Studio for the Model S and Model X to confirm that both vehicles are now being produced with the screen tilt feature.

Earlier this week it was discovered that a Model S delivered on April 29 had a built-in screen tilt feature. The feature was originally promised when the refresh Model S/X design was announced in January 2021, but was removed from the website before deliveries began.

Although we have yet to see an example of the feature in the Model X, Tesla has now added the feature back to the Design Studio for both of the flagship vehicles. (h/t: @realEndlessPlaid)

UPDATE 3:45pm PST: According to a source, all Model S and Model X cars built from April 22 onwards will have the feature.

It should be pointed out, as it has been to us by many of our readers, the screen doesn’t actually tilt but rather it pans to the left and right.

UPDATE 12:14PM PST: Tesla has also added a new video to the Model S product page to showcase the feature. (h/t: @BabyTesla3)

Tesla has also made another change to the Design Studio for the Model S to include the new matrix LED headlights after they were first added to production in February.

It might not be easy to notice at first glance, but when you compare it to the previous headlights using the slider below, the difference is easy to spot.

old headlightsnew headlights

The new headlights feature two distinct bulbs with an array of LEDs in each housing. Each LED is individually controllable allowing for light projection in almost any pattern.

The technology that allows the headlights to selectively turn on and off certain LEDs hasn’t been fully implemented yet, but we are expecting Tesla to turn on that feature (now that it has been approved by the NHTSA) through a free over-the-air (OTA) software update soon.

New Tesla Model 3 headlight certifications hint at upcoming adaptive ability

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