First Tesla Model Ys from Giga Berlin arrive in Taiwan ahead of December deliveries

Tesla has exported the first vehicles from Giga Berlin outside of Europe, sending the first shipment of Model Ys to Taiwan. Those first few vehicles have started arriving in the country ahead of the first deliveries which are scheduled to begin in December.

On Friday a black Model Y Performance was spotted in the parking lot of Tesla Neihu Center in Taipei by Tesla Owners Taiwan founder Michael Hsu. Although we can’t see it in the picture, all Model Y cars arriving in Taiwan will be without ultrasonic sensors.

Michael was one of the very first customers to place an order for a Model Y when Tesla opened the Taiwanese order books back on September 23. With that early order, Michael has already received a VIN assignment, confirming the Model Ys that will be delivered in Taiwan were made at Giga Berlin.

Along with the VIN assignment Michael was also able to book his delivery for December 5 at 11:00am, which according to Michael was the first day that was available to be booked.

While it might seem strange that Tesla shipped Model Ys from Germany instead of China, which is just about 700km (434 miles) away as the crow flies, it was because of the ongoing geopolitical tensions between Taiwan and China.

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