Surprise, the Tesla dog video was staged

A video that went viral earlier this month of a motorist encountering a dog driving a Tesla Model X down the freeway turns out to be fake!

Blake Missick, a Texas-based influencer, has admitted to staging the video.

The TikToker was hoping to create a viral video, and he certainly did that. The clip shown below shows a shaggy lapdog seemingly diving a 2017 Tesla Model X down a road. The person behind the camera can be heard saying, “This is crazy; there’s nobody in there!”

The clip quickly went viral and amassed over 10 million views on Reddit. Once the clip hit Reddit, it started to make the rounds of local and national TV.

The TikToker came forward after the media storm started to die down a little. Missick reportedly paid for a consultation with a Hollywood stunt coordinator, rented the Tesla and then used their roommate and dog in the video.

Missick did not detail how he pulled off the driving dog video. However, he did clarify that they used a private road and shot the stunt multiple times to ensure it was ‘perfect’, according to a report by the New York Post.

Austin Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Unit is investigating the stunt and video. However, no charges have yet to be laid, and they did not provide a comment.

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