First Tesla Cybertruck display in Canada draws massive crowds

The first Tesla Cybertruck to land in a showroom in Canada was an immediate hit with fans, with hundreds lining up to see the futuristic electric truck over the weekend in British Columbia. The massive crowds weren’t limited to Canada, as similar Cybertruck displays were also the center of attention on the busiest shopping weekend of the year in the US.

The first Cybertruck crossed the border into Canada late last week, destined for the showroom on the Langley and Surrey border, about 1 hour outside of Vancouver. The Cybertruck was put on display late Friday afternoon, with a few lucky fans able to get out to the showroom to check it out before closing. Once we published our article and word got out that the Cybertruck was finally in Canada, the excitement grew and by the time Tesla was ready to open the doors at 10:00am on Saturday morning, there was already a long line up of fans waiting to get an up close look at the Cybertruck, drawing comparisons from when there were similar lineups to place a reservation for the Model 3.

The continuous stream of fans through the Tesla showroom didn’t slow down either. When it was time to close the doors at 6:00pm, there was still fans waiting to get inside. For those that did get inside, they were treated to an immaculate Cybertruck with near perfect build quality, something which the company is not known for on early production vehicles.

It wasn’t only Canadians excited about seeing the Cybertruck. Many of the displays in the US are inside shopping malls, translating into tens of thousands of people who got to see the Cybertruck on the busy Black Friday shopping weekend.

While Canadians on the west coast were excited to see the Cybertruck, many fans further east are wondering when they’ll get their turn. According to our sources there will be another Cybertruck going on display in Ontario later this week. We will let you know as soon as we learn where exactly it will be sent, and when it will be going on display.

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