City of Kitchener adds two new EVs, bringing their fleet to 19 EVs

Kitchener Building Dept EV

The City of Kitchener Building Department has recently added two new Hydunai Ioniq electric vehicles (EVs) that will be used by staff to perform building inspections.

With the purchase, the City now has 19 electric and hybrid electric vehicles as it continues its commitment to lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Kitchener isn’t stopping there, with plans to add more EVs in the future.

To go along with the large fleet of EVs, the City is also expanding the EV charging network. Plans call for chargers to be installed in parking garages at city hall, civic district and the Kitchener Market, as well as at the Aud and at Francis and Joseph streets.

The stations will be available for public and city staff to use.

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