Starlink RV rebranded to Starlink Roam with $200/month global roaming plan

Starlink users can now roam globally with their dishes for $200 per month. SpaceX is offering the option as the Starlink RV, which it has rebranded to Starlink Roam.

Starlink RV allowed users to roam. However, users could only roam within the continent used as the shipping address. But users can still stick to ‘regional’ roaming and continue to pay $150 per month. Upgrading to the global roaming plan will add $50 to their monthly bills.

We previously reported SpaceX has been offering buyers on the waiting list a global roaming service.

While the new roaming plan will appeal to people who frequently hop between continents and might find themselves in remote locations, lugging around the dish may be a task. However, that might be the only way for users in countries where Starlink is not officially active yet to use the service.

If the extra cost and weight are not an issue, global roaming users will be able to bring between 5 and 50 Mbps connection with them anywhere they go. This is significantly slower than the 20 to 100 Mbps SpaceX advertises for the residential plan. Users are not promised priority access either.

SpaceX relies on laser links to connect Starlink users in regions without ground stations. A user on Reddit has complained that even though speeds could reach 130 Mbps, the service experiences significant latency issues.

SpaceX has yet to publish the list of areas where global roaming will be active, although it appears to be limited to US-based subscribers. The Canadian Starlink Roam page still only shows across-Canada access for $170 CAD per month.

UK users can now rent a Starlink dish for £15 per month.

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