Tesla makes small improvement that makes a big change to the road tripping experience

Supercharger message

Last week we told you about an undocumented improvement in the 2021.4.11 software update that improves regenerative braking for vehicles with cold soaked batteries.

Now another undocumented improvement has been discovered that makes road tripping a little easier.

Uncovered by FSD beta tester Brandon, the new change shows up when you make a Supercharger stop in order to be able to reach your destination entered into the navigation. The in-car display now prominently displays when you have enough charge in your battery to reach your destination.

As Brandon pointed out in his tweet, he wasn’t sure if the change came from the 2021.4.11 update or his recent FSD beta 8.2 update. Another Twitter user confirmed he also received the message in his non-FSD beta vehicle.

Alex tweet

While the size and placement of the message is new, the actual message itself is not. As noted by Rafael (@TesLatino), the message has been in the navigation system since at least 2019, but would only appear for about 10 seconds in the small turn-by-turn navigation directions.


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