Kia unveils EV5 and two concepts at first annual EV Day

Kia has had its first EV Day in Korea, where it revealed three cars, comprising two concepts. It also promised a fourth car that could come in around US$30,000.

The South Korean automaker officially revealed the Kia EV5, even though we had heard a lot about the car before the event. The compact SUV, based on the E-GMP platform, will offer up to 447 miles (720 km) of driving range based on CLTC estimates. It includes a spacious interior, a heat pump, dual 12.3-inch screens for infotainment, and a handful of new features.

Credit: Kia

The base model starts at $35,000, with a 64 kWh battery pack capable of 330 miles between charges and a 160 kW motor. The long-range EV5 version is equipped with an 88 kWh battery pack. Kia has promised a GT edition.

US buyers might be disappointed that the EV5 might not be offered state-side.

The other two EVs revealed by Kia are the concept EV3 and EV4. The EV3 is another compact crossover bearing design similarities to the EV5 and EV9. Kia claims the car’s futuristic interior has a center console grown from mushrooms.

The EV4 concept car is a four-door boxy affair offering unique features, including ‘triangular’ wheels. As concepts go, it is ok to expect some modifications if and when Kia offers a production version.

Kia also talked about a potential successor to the Kia Soul EV, the EV2, coming in 2025. The company’s CEO, Ho-Sung Song, said it could cost about $30,000 and is “very important” to the Kia brand, especially in the more-price-conscious European market.

Kia plans to launch 15 EVs before 2027.

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